The mould construction department is equipped with CNC machinery of last generation (CAD-CAM design systems, CNC machining centers, wire EDM, grinding).

The service of support and advice offered to the customer for the optimization of the production process have always been a distinguishing feature of our business.


The Officina Borselli Pouches was founded in the early ’70s as a small family business, already specialized in the production of printed sheet metal and at the same time in the machinery.

Over the years, the trust of customers, for some of which the company is still a current partner, has allowed us to increase the production capacity, with a resulting expansion of spaces and a continous modenization of the machinery.

From 2008 the Officina Borselli is certified by ISO9001, a further garantee to support future challanges, while staying competitive in a increasingly demanding and more selective market and offering quality products, in line with the expectations of the customer.

PRODOTTI stampaggio metalli a freddocostruzione stampi

L’OFFICINA Offriamo servizi di supporto e consulenza per l’ottimizzazione del processo produttivo.Ambiente idoneo per la produzione di semilavorati in lamiere metalliche di precisione.I nostri macchinari sono tecnologicamente aggiornati per offrire un servizio in linea con le esigenze delle produzioni attuali.